Vuoto d'Amore


  • Dance and voice Gabriella Cerritelli
  • Poems Alda Merini
  • Creation byGabriella Cerritelli
  • Scenography Iole Cilento
  • CostumesRoberta Vacchetta, Elena Gaudio
  • LightLuca Saccone
  • Music Vladislav Delay, Autechre, Thomas Brinkmann, Pan Sonic, Bnet Houariyat, Sainkho Namtchylak, Frederic Galliano & African Divas.
  • Musical advisorGabriele Bramante
  • Sounds and live mix Gabriele Bramante
  • Musical adaption Roberto Tax Farano
  • PhotosMariangela Palmisano
  • Graphics Cristina Piazzi
  • Duration: 60 minutes

A continuous flow between the unconscious, dream and reality.
A passage between lucid rationality and irrational insanity, between truth and fiction.
A timeless space in a night that becomes transparent.

“Love void... Waste souls, dried up spirits, abandoned nature. Such places breed barbarities and ignorance, producing but the loss of a language of feelings. Thus Proserpine stands for anyone invaded, abused and devasted by a human nature that is no more capable of introspection and by powers that perpetuate themselves blind and unopposed. The mental asylum stands for any place where all this is legitimated, silently accepted and experienced. I was looking for an answer, and in Alda Merini’s poetry I found a fragment of infinite beauty”.

Gabriella Cerritelli

I am sure that nothing
will ever choke down my rhyme anymore,
I have kept silence shut in my throat for ages
like a sacrifice trap.
The time has therefore come to chant
the exequies for the past

from Love Void by Alda Merini

All poets and prophets know
how their life’s conclusion will occur,
and they desperately seek it so that they won’t let go
of the only truth, which is love.
Only by the lamp of love
do things become visible that seem dark in the light.

from The Easy Life by Alda Merini