Dancer, choreographer, performer and dance teacher with a background ranging from physical theatre to contemporary dance, African dance, tai chi and yoga. Yoga teacher and FIDS 2nd level technician - Paralympic Sector

She bases her work on multidisciplinary research, using an expressive language founded on improvisation and instantaneous performance that stem from the capacity to listen and the quality of presence.

Since the 1990s, she has undertaken numerous projects focusing on the relationship between dance, live music and different artistic disciplines, including works with: 

Domenico Sciajno (musician and composer), Claudio Sinatti (video artist), Paolo Grassino (sculptor), Roberto Tarasco (light designer and scenographer), Nadia Zanellato (live visual artist), Paolo Spaccamonti (guitarist and composer), Giorgio Li Calzi (trumpeter and composer), Gianni Bissaca (director and theatre actor)

Among the many projects it is worth mentioning:

Behind the door for 2006 Torino Danza Festival; 

Attack installation/performance conceived for the project Teatri nella Rete (Theatres in the Web), for 2008 Spazi per la danza contemporanea (Spaces for Contemporary Dance) and as in situ creation for the 2013 Teatro a Corte (Theatre at Court) Festival; 

Minute, mobile and light, a study on “Lightness” by Italo Calvino, created during an artistic-in-residence programme at Ménagerie De Verre in Paris in 2011.

Hub a performance with two dancers and two performers on wheelchairs that debuted in Dresden as part of the contemporary art exhibition OSTRALE 2013.

She has carried out numerous projects in the field of inclusive dance and community Tanztheater with the support and collaboration of bodies, associations and private social organisations, with the participation of artists and professionals working in holistic, social, educational and cultural disciplines.

She holds courses and workshops in contemporary dance, contemporary African dance and yoga.

Since 2018 she has been cooperating in the Media Dance project of the Lavanderia a Vapore - Choreographic Centre of the Piedmont Region. A multidisciplinary project targeting secondary schools.

Since October 2018 she has been working with the Ballo Anch'io Association holding wheelchair dance and inclusive dance classes.
Artistic Profile

“A strong taste for research feeds Gabriella Cerritelli who experiences her art through ever new collaborations and intentions. It reads in each work the openness of a body shaped by a variety of techniques (primarily from land-based african matrix) to liaise with the various artistic media in a multi-disciplinary research open to the “here and now”.

In a drama that can, from time to time, unfold into exquisitely plastic suggestions, inspired by sound or literary, it resonates an expressive language based on improvisation and instant performance that arises from listening and from the quality of presence.

Amongst many works, remarkable are the fine solo-installation "Attack" that - along with the complicity of sculptor Paolo Grassino - develops the interplay between plastic arts, dance and music; “Minuto, mobile e leggero” (featuring live visuals by Nadia Zanellato) that, by means of Calvino, investigates the funambulism of living, and the newest work "Hub" also featuring disabled dancers, whose stake is to change the limits of artistic potential as well as mobility in light of diversity and different ways of communication”.

Chiara Castellazzi Journalist and dance critic