Minute, mobile and light Performance of dance and live visuals

2011 - 2012

  • Conceived and directed Gabriella Cerritelli
  • Coreography and dance Gabriella Cerritelli
  • Live visuals Nadia Zanellato
  • Trapeze Justine Bemachon
  • Lights and stage technician: Roberto Tarasco
  • costumes Roberta Vacchetta
  • MusicFrancesco Tristano, Burial, Jeff Mills, James Blake music consultant Gabriele Bramante

Production La Piattaforma-teatrocoreografico.

In collaboration with Laboratoire de création contemporaine Menagerie de Verre - Paris

Minute, mobile, and light is a work that draws inspiration from the literary images evoked by Italo Calvino in “Lightness” and from the artistic experience of Philippe Petit, “funambulist and poet of life”.

It investigates the opposition lightness/weight starting out from an interior dimension and from a way of feeling. Its research is oriented towards the expressive language of a body without weight, free in thought and action.

Within this perspective, Gabriella Cerritelli experiments with a dance guided by a movement both light and precise, which adapts with sensitivity to a context in continuous transformation. The figure of the funambulist is adopted as an emblematic image: tenacious, determined, and driven by a great interior force, the funambulist moves without leaving a trace suspended in the void. Funambulism is a subtle art, ephemeral and ineffable, like the art of living.

As Italo Calvino writes:

“Lightness for me is associated with precision and determination, not with vagueness or leaving to chance. Paul Valéry said: “One must be light like a bird, not like a feather. (...)The “De rerum natura” by Lucretius is the first major work of poetry in which knowledge of the world is dissolving the solidity of the world, the perception of what is infinitely minute, mobile and light. (…) The only hero able to cut off Medusa’s head is Perseus, who flies with winged sandals; Perseus, who does not turn his gaze upon the face of the Gorgon but only upon her image reflected in his bronze shield.”

The first study presented July 19, 2011 in Turin for “La Piattaforma” at the Festival “Teatro a Corte” was centered on the opposition lightness/weight and has the collaboration of the trapeze artist Justine Bernachon.

The second study is the outcome of an experimental research in collaboration with IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) in Turin, where Gabriella Cerritelli performs through the space focusing on the visual perception and interplays with VJ Nadia Zanellato's live visuals.