Dance and music interactive performance


  • choreography and danceGabriella Cerritelli
  • live electronics Domenico Sciajno
  • Lights: Roberto Tarasco
  • Costumes: Roberta Vacchetta

In cooperation with Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo Circuito Regionale dello Spettacolo

Confine is a process of research relating to the sense of limit – which must be passed or respected – which makes use of electronic devices and digital media.

The boundary is that point beyond which it is possible for us to meet “the other”, to open to new experiences, to reach a sense of freedom, but it’s also the limit inside which we can discover niches of ourselves near to the transcendence.

In order to realize this performance, information instruments are implemented to design and realize the sound starting by moves, gestures and body expressions.

In particular, a system developed by Domenico Sciajno allows to sense and map the moves through a double infrared camera (Kinect), which links the body with the computer creating a direct connection between move and sound.

The use of this technology is limited to a range of action of m 4x4, inside which the interdisciplinary research develops in a texture of technological and human relationships opening to new experimentations.

Outside these boundaries there is a well-known creative value, but at the same time it has not structural and tangible connections.

The creative research and the research of the connection between sound and movement develop through the explorating investigation of these two aspects.

“The musician uses the tracing and the mapping of gestures and physical joints not only in order to acquire their location in the three-dimensional space or recognize precise movements, but also with the aim to create a sensible sphere in which other features of the movement are recognized. That is density, grain, flexibility, stiffness, rugosity, fluidity, scheme, consistency and characteristic rather than model, disposition, form, organization, quantity, scheme and structure. In other words, to devise how generate and work out sound processes by means of the metaphor of the creation and the tampering of tissue in the space rather than its approach and packaging”

Domenico Sciajno