• Choreography, dance, voice
    Gabriella Cerritell
  • Percussions
    Piergianni Gillio
  • Lights
    Luca Saccone
  • Costumes
    Roberta Vacchetta
  • Duration: 15 to 45 minutes

Real-time interaction of dance and percussions

Emptying out and listening, meeting and transformation are the base for this work, a performance where each element comes to life in relation to the situation and context in which it develops, thus awakening its expressive and communicative potentials. The emptied, yet always very attentive body invents its own dance and music, its unique, unrepeatable vital gesture, where beauty does not result from aesthetic criteria, but rather from the poetic, extemporaneous relation established with all the elements involved.

Spazi imprevedibili


  • Immages
    Mariangela Palmisano
  • Dance
    Gabriella Cerritell
  • Percussions
    Piergianni Gillio and Stefano Soldati
  • Duration 40 minutes

To listen to the things and spaces, without expecting to dominate them or to always preview the events that must happen to you

Raul Pantaleo