Behind the door

2006 - 2008

In collaboration with Torino Danza Festival / Fondazione Teatro Stabile di Torino

  • Choreography and dance Gabriella Cerritelli
  • Live visualsNadia Zanellato

Behind the Door is a sensory and visual voyage which, starting from a history of repressed abuse and violence, investigates the deepest roots of a social and cultural malaise, to the point of descending into the depths of the human mind in search of an opening upwards. It is a journey that carries one to the dilation of space and time, to a new perception of life which is no longer closed deep down within one’s own being but in continual expansion.

Through a lived present, a woman is attracted to the exploration of her own past, brought back by the memory of her body. She makes reemerge episodes of violence and sexual abuse suffered in infancy and adolescence. A primary phase of darkness, composed of confused sensations and imagination, is followed by the reawakening of the visual memory, where the torment finds a home, allowing the liberated spirit to visualize new stories and other images.

In this way the voyage begins in obscurity for the spectator as well, introducing him to a perceptive theme that goes beyond the object visually represented, opening to a more ample multisensory perception.

"Black possesses profundity. It’s like a small opening: one enters, and given that the darkness remains, the mind relaxes and a number of things that happen in there become manifest."

David Lynch

Proceeding, one passes through places without order or time, inhabited by human presences and muffled, dreamlike images that carry one to a new chaos, to a new reality: in this way, the back of a man doubled over is an image of the present that gives access to the past so as to ferry one to the future.

Through the video and the body in movement, the scene of a fragmented and stratified world is created, where different levels of perception of reality are in continuous change and where past, present, and future are superimposed with intensity and lightness at the same time.

The video images outline the story: they are the containers which we enter, the portals. The video elaborations of Nadia Zanellato†allow us to penetrate the canvas, and like a painting that seems to mutate before our eyes, they take us to unknown spaces. The dance of Gabriella Cerritelli enters into a relation with these imagined spaces, creating a new vision of the present.

Gabriella Cerritelli e Paolo Data Blin
Gabriella cerritelli