• Direction and choreography Gabriella Cerritelli
  • Performer Danilo Ragona, Luca Piardi Dancers Giulia Lazzarino, Ilaria Quaglia
  • Music Stearica, Cat Power, Jeff Mills, Shackleton, Redshape, Robert Hood, Mike Banks
  • Music consultantGabriele Bramante

Hub is a show with two dancers and two performers on wheelchair where the different condition of the protagonists is the ground of confrontation and challenge.

The dynamics that grow on stage become the propulsion of a dialogue - sometimes intense and edgy, sometimes ironic and fluid - where objective limits become pathways to new relations and expressive approaches.

The stake is changing the limits of diversity into artistic and communicative possibilities with different mobility and modes.

In collaboration with: Torino Danza / Fondazione Teatro Stabile di Torino Stalker Theatre

OGR Turin - september 2013
Dance festival la Piattaforma- teatrocoreografico