Corpo / Memoria
The repressed in the Body memory
Dance and reading performance


  • Project Gabriella Cerritelli
  • Dance Gabriella Cerritelli
  • ReadingsRoberta Fornier
  • Text taken from "Troubling Love" by Elena Ferrante
  • Choreography from"Behind the door" by Gabriella Cerritelli
  • Costumes Roberta Vacchetta
  • Music Leonard Cohen, Pan Sonic, Nina Simone, Ursula Rucker
  • Music consultant Gabriele Bramante
  • Duration: 50 minutes

From a study carried out within the project "Behind the door", Gabriella Cerritelli obtained a research work on "body memory" based on texts from Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante.

"Behind the door" it is the story of a woman who, prompted by a sinister and disturbing attraction, gains access to a dark matter. This awakens the memory of a repressed trauma.

Delia, the protagonist of the novel Troubling Love, investigating the sudden and violent death of his mother recounts a harrowing harsh and violent family history. She relives people and places, finds smells and physical feelings that bring her to his shadow zone by returning an experience denied.

In Corpo/Memoria, the gesture and the word dig into the past and, starting from the darkness, they reveal the possibility of exceeding and openness to a new present.

“Every road interrupted It is a closed door that recurs in all the routes we take in our lives. You can change direction forever or find yourself opening the door, by choice or by necessity.”

Gabriella Cerritelli